Published March 15, 2017

Inspired in Latvia to Build Up Young Leaders


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The recent GLS event in Latvia attracted more than 975 leaders for training and inspiration. We heard a lot of feedback about how people were encouraged and inspired by what they learned, and how they took it back to their work or ministry to lead change within their spheres of influence.

Thank you to those of you who’ve been praying and supporting this ministry!

Here is the story of just one attendee in Latvia and how the GLS helped change his work and ministry by reminding him that leadership is about service to others.

Three years ago, I became the youth leader in my church, but I had nobody who would teach or lead me. All I had was prayer. I asked God for people who could help me, but I was still alone.

Then I attended the GLS.

I must admit, this was the first time I saw how the Holy Spirit works with people through speakers. The GLS helped me to understand that most leaders and organizations, including me, don’t have a vision to lead people from where we are to where we want to be.

At the GLS, I finally heard what I was called to do!

I was inspired by greater leaders working together with young leaders. I was inspired to define my goals more clearly. And that helped me to work on a clear plan of action, and work better with my team. I’ve come to realize that support always inspires.

I want to be the salt and light in my community. I want to show people that biblical principles can help everyone—not just in the church, but also business. I have also started my own business. I still grow as a leader, but I try as much as possible to help every other leader I meet, especially young, emerging leaders.

Because of the GLS, my work and ministry have completely changed.

This is why I want to tell all of you to please be like spiritual fathers and mothers and friends for new, emerging leaders and support them.

After the GLS my prayer became much like Solomon’s:

“I don’t need gold, castles or other luxury things, but Lord, give me your wisdom for how to lead those you have trusted to me.”


Thank you to those of you who’ve been praying and supporting this ministry!

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