Published July 30, 2018

Texas Medical Association President Credits GLS with Tackling Heath Care

Had Dr. Douglas Curran never attended The Global Leadership Summit, he would probably be a retired doctor, spending time in the ranching business.

And he would have missed the opportunity to energize more than 50,000 physicians in Texas.

Instead, this East Texas family physician has been inspired to pursue his calling from God.

This year, he stepped into the role of president of the Texas Medical Association (TMA). He credits the Summit with being strategic in this adventure.

Throughout his 39 years in medicine, Dr. Curran has advocated on behalf of Texas patients and physicians. He pushed for the passage of Texas’ groundbreaking medical liability reforms in 2003; fought for sweeping patient-rights protections including holding managed care insurance companies accountable for their actions; supported legislation to improve the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid; and fought to protect patients from unsafe care. He has testified before legislative committees countless times, and visits regularly with Texas and Washington lawmakers to push for a better health care system.

Improving patient care and access to that care are at the top of his agenda during his year as TMA’s 153rd president. Dr. Curran has also served at multiple levels of leadership in his church.

The Summit helped him strengthen his leadership skills.

“I think this is what God has called me to do,” he says. “And the Summit helped me believe I could do it. It has given me tools and dreams that drive me forward.”

“I’ve been attending the Summit for more than 20 years,” he said. “At one of the early Summits, I recall one of the speakers saying that if you have the gift of leadership, you will use it. It’s just a matter of how—for good and to advance the kingdom or in a less God-honoring way.” That resonated with him and changed his perspective on his personal leadership.

“When you first begin to use the gift of leadership, you realize what a great God-given treasure you have and I wanted to use it right.”

Dr. Curran says he wanted to use his gift to lead at his church and in his community, as well as in his profession as a family doctor, where he could work to improve the health care of his community, the state and the nation. “As TMA president, I will have a chance to do this,” he says. “I have already worked with Texas legislators and US legislators on many of these issues.”

He has a vision to change the US health care system for the better.

He vows to take on the political and cultural polarization that he believes has throttled our nation’s ability to solve the big problems. And he plans to start with the House of Medicine.

“I think this is what God has called me to do,” he says. “And the Summit helped me believe I could do it. It has given me tools and dreams that drive me forward.” God has taught him not to be afraid to take risks and not to be afraid of the unknown.

“I am confident that over the next year, we are going to develop ideas and systems that will improve the health care of our people.”

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